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Is this tool even right for my dog?? 🧐 😫It’s hard to know these days, with most agendas being driven towards either “you just need to put a tool on that dog” or “if you use tools you’re abusive”. 🤯 When I developed the #openmindedapproach it was a way to show that EVERY DOG & OWNER are individuals, and what works for one, may not be the answer for another. There is no RIGHT way. That is determined by the pair in front of you. 🎯 @tulsapack has become a global leader in #virtualdogtraining and it’s all built on the foundation of the #openmindedapproach - a judgement free place for owners to come together to figure out what works best for their own unique team! But we didn’t just stop there. We created a new way to deliver information to you! No matter where you are in the 🌎, you can participate and get the answers you need at Tulsa Pack Athletics. 1:1 Training with Jerri and her team are available year round. 🐾❤️ As always, the lineup of international trainers is PACKED with talent, teaming up in 7 sets for 7 days, each set of trainers tackles a topic so you can decide if what you’re using is a gift ☺️ or a curse 😫. Follow this up with any of our other FREE courses. Training this way is a life style. I provide the building blocks. Then you watch people that live this lifestyle using the simple techniques and concepts I teach. 💃🏾🐶




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