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Reactivity Unlocked Bootcamp

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THE place to unpack all of the training knowledge you've acquired so far. Let's really get down to the basic upon basic steps you need to take with your dog so you both can succeed. Follow along and get a taste of what virtual training at Tulsa Pack Athletics is really like. By the end of the week your best friend will be more engaged with you and want to focus all their attention on you. You'll also grow in confidence and find what really works for you and your dog in a controlled environment (your home) before venturing out into the big world. REACTIVITY IS A LAYERED ISSUE and it takes time to go through these topics. I recommend watching the Managing Arousal Course as well to determine if your dog is struggling with reactivity based in FEAR or OVER AROUSAL. **THIS IS TO INTRODUCE CONCEPTS SO YOU GET A GRASP ON WTF IS EVEN GOING ON: Our 4-wk Reactive Dog program is designed for those that need further, highly individualized help.



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